The Boys Season 1 and 2 All Episodes Hindi-English Download

Download The Boys Season 1 and 2 all episodes in Hindi-English Dual Audio. The Boy’s all episodes are now dubbed in Hindi and English audio with English subtitles. We have all Episodes wise The Boys season 1 download link to The Boys season 2 download link. The Boys in Hindi and English episodes are available in 720p quality. You can watch The Boys season 1 to The Boys season 2 in English or Hindi online from the below links. Also, you can download it. Click on the links below to proceed. Full Seasons and Episode Wise Link Below.

The Boys All Seasons Info:

Series The Boys’ first season is released on 26 Jul. 2019 and The Boys Series is Amazon Prime Tv series. This web series got the best IMDB rating of 8.7 out of 10 from 2,73,241 users. According to IMDB, there is a total of 16 Episodes come till now, and more on the way

The Boys Season 1 to 2 All Episodes Hindi-English Download

This series is based on Action, Comedy, Crime. The plot of this series according to Wiki The Boys is set in a universe where superpowered individuals are recognized as heroes by the general public and work for the powerful corporation Vought International, which markets and monetizes them. Outside of their heroic personas, most are arrogant and corrupt.

The series primarily focuses on two groups: the Seven, Vought’s premier superhero team, and the eponymous Boys, vigilantes looking to bring down Vought and its corrupt superheroes.

The Boys Season 1 Info:

Hugh “Hughie” Campbell suffers mental trauma after his girlfriend Robin is killed in a high-velocity impact with celebrity superhero A-Train. Lawyers offer a $45,000 settlement, which Hughie hesitates to accept. Aspiring superhero Annie January auditions as “Starlight” and is accepted to join the superhero group The Seven following the Lamplighter’s retirement. Arriving at the Seven’s headquarters, she is greeted by the Deep, who blackmails her into performing oral sex on him. Also, check how to money heist download.

The Boys Season 1 to 2 All Episodes Hindi-English Download

Vigilante Billy Butcher offers Hughie a chance to expose superhero corruption, taking him to a secret “Supes Club” to show him security footage of A-Train laughing about Robin’s death. Butcher asks Hughie to take the settlement money and to secretly place a bug at Seven Tower, but Hughie initially refuses. In Central Park, Annie meets Hughie by happenstance and they motivate each other to stand up for themselves and face their challenges.

The Boys Season 2 Info:

The Boys become wanted fugitives, with Butcher framed for Stillwell’s murder. In hiding together, Hughie, MM, Frenchie, and Kimiko learn that a superpowered terrorist with telekinetic abilities is on the loose. They attempt to inform Raynor, but she is killed by an unknown assassin. Against Hughie’s wishes, Frenchie contacts Butcher to lead the Boys in facing the new threats.

The Boys Season 1 to 2 All Episodes Hindi-English Download

Hughie and Annie extort Vought test subject Gecko into stealing a Compound V sample. Homelander’s power over Vought is challenged when CEO Stan Edgar has superhero Stormfront join the Seven without his approval. When Homelander fails to intimidate Edgar, he returns to Becca’s house to see Ryan. The Deep joins Alastair Adana’s Church of the Collective in an attempt to regain favor with the Seven. Also, we have the links to avengers endgame full movie download.

Main Highlighted Points

  • Full Name: The Boys
  • Season: 1 – 2
  • Episodes: 8 & 8
  • Language: Dual Audio (Hindi-English)
  • Subtitles: Yes (Hindi+English)
  • Release Year: 2019
  • Size: 200MB & 450MB (Each Episode)
  • Quality: 480p & 720p
  • Format: Mkv
  • Storyline according TO IMDB: A group of vigilantes set out to take down corrupt superheroes who abuse their superpowers.
The Boys Season 1 to 2 All Episodes Hindi-English Download

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