Stand by Me Doraemon 2014 Hindi-English-Tamil Download

Download Stand by Me Doraemon 2014 Movie in three different languages. This movie is available in Hindi, English, and Tamil language. The Stand by Me Doraemon is an animation movie and we have all 480p and 720p qualities. You can watch this Stand by Me Doraemon movie online and you can download it too. Click on the links below to proceed.

Stand by Me Doraemon Info:

Stand by Me Doraemon movie is released on 8 August 2014 (Japan). This movie got a good IMDB Rating of 7.4 IMDB rating out of 10 from 6400 users. Also, watch another Doraemon and Nobita movie which is Doraemon Nobita and the birth of Japan and this movie is also available in all 4 Hindi-Japanese-Tamil-Telugu languages.

Stand by Me Doraemon 2014 Hindi-English-Tamil Download

This is one of the best movies based on Animation, Action, Adventure. The plot of this movie According to Wiki is Nobita Nobi is a Fifth-grader who constantly gets failing grades in his subjects due to his laziness and is always bullied by his classmates Suneo Honekawa and Takeshi “Gian” Goda. His great-great-grandson from the 22nd century, Sewashi, who watches him every day, travels to Nobita’s timeline while bringing along his robotic cat Doraemon. Sewashi reveals that if Nobita keeps up his act, he will have a disastrous future: he will marry Gian’s sister Jaiko, have his private company burned down, and will be left with a great debt.

To circumvent this, he orders Doraemon to help Nobita, modifying Doraemon’s nose to prevent him from returning to the future unless Nobita gains a better future. Being reluctant until the threat, Doraemon introduces his gadgets to help Nobita which helps him immensely. Though Doraemon warns Nobita not to be too dependent on his gadgets, Nobita asks Doraemon to help him woo his crush Shizuka “Sue” Minamoto whom Doraemon reveals is the one Nobita will marry if his future is corrected.

However, all his efforts end up making Shizuka become closer to the ace student, Hidetoshi Dekisugi. Nobita’s attempt to be equal with Dekisugi by studying harder is futile, and he decides to let go of Shizuka to make her happier. He does this by flipping Shizuka’s skirt to reveal her underwear (but not looking at it), resulting in Shizuka slapping him and running away in tears.

After a while, Shizuka starts worrying about Nobita. She overhears Gian and Suneo’s conversation about Nobita’s self-esteem getting crushed by Sensei for recently failing another test, causing her to believe he is planning to commit suicide, Shizuka arrives at the Nobi residence and resists Nobita’s people-repelling potion to help him, which Doraemon reveals is the first step in Nobita and Shizuka’s growing relationship to eventually becoming a couple. Read the full plot of this movie from here.

Main Highlighted Points

  • Full Name: Stand by Me Doraemon (2014)
  • Language: 3 Audios (Hindi-English-Tamil)
  • Size: 300MB & 900MB
  • Quality: 480p & 720p – BluRay
  • Storyline according to IMDB: What will happen to Nobita’s life after Doraemon leaves?
Stand by Me Doraemon 2014 Hindi-English-Tamil Download
Stand by Me Doraemon 2014 Hindi-English-Tamil Download

Stand by Me Doraemon 2014 Download

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